My Cup Upset

I'm delighted to be performing a little mini tour of the show I've written on the back of my book. It's called My Cup Upset and is about me and my friend Mark nearly killing each other whilst watching 19 games in the FA Cup last season.

Upcoming dates of the show are:

October 2nd        Hednesford Town FC
October 9th         West Auckland Town FC
November 13th   Notts County FC

Tickets are available from the gigs link on this website. If you have a venue that would like to host the show, please contact

The book itself is still available to buy online. It's basically a football-based travelogue as we travelled the country meeting weird folk and stealing sandwiches from service stations, so should be suitable even if you're not that bothered about sport. Although clearly that would help.

"The account's greatly entertaining, never exhausting, the guy's turn of phrase strongly suggesting that journalism's loss may be stand-up comedy's gain" Northern Echo

Just search for Andy Fury at amazon, kobo or google books!



If you've no interest in paying nearly three whole pounds for my book,or coming to see my show, but would like to read some stuff I've written, then visit...

Andy Fury's Football Grounds Blog

It's updated every Friday afternoon with a new football ground I've visited.