Radio Show

Want to listen to me talk? Then this is the section for you! Every Sunday night I'm part of Hilarity Bites The Week on Star Radio. Myself, Antony Collins and Tony Jameson review the week's news and generally have a laugh and clart on. You can listen online from 9pm at and also download the podcast from their site.

Speaking of podcasts... If you like listening to grown men argue repeatedly then That Wine Show is probably ideal for you. I recorded 42 episodes of it with Steffen Peddie (Big Keith from Hebburn) between 2012-2014. We're currently on a break due to nearly killing each other, but you can listen to all episodes via iTunes - just search for That Wine Show. Warning - contains lots of swears.

I also recorded a series of podcasts called Cup Runnings, which was part of the book that I wrote. You can listen to those either on iTunes or by going to That should be enough to keep you going.